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The foreseeable future.  I have had the opportunity to view the areas which were burned and have developed a different attitude towards the fire in that I have witnessed a tremendous rebirth of the forest out of the ashes of the burned old trees.  Watching this rebirth has been very exciting for me and as soon as I can, I would like to share this vision with as many people as possible.

“Waterton Trails: A Video Trail guide” is still available and does show the park in pre-fire condition but I intend to photograph the trails of Waterton park as soon as the authorities open the areas to general hiking.  It seems this process is taking a very long time and so producing a media to share this depends largely on the whim of Parks Canada to open the roads and trails in the park.

Glacier National Park in Montana has suffered similar fate, but the authorities in that park have made it possible for people to enter the areas which have had forest fires and so it is much easier and instructive to investigate these areas in Glacier Park.  I will make every effort to publish brief slide shows of the trails effected with some text commentary.  These will be located in the Northern and Southern Glacier pages as will photo essays on new hikes in that park.  

Please be patient as this exercise will require a great deal of time in the field as well as more time editing and putting together the information for you.

For several years, I have wandered the trails of both Waterton National Park in Canada and Glacier National Park in the United States.  I have always wanted to share the experiences I have had and the sights that can only come from visiting the remote areas of both parks.  To this end, I decided to use photographs as a way to share the sights a person might expect to see on the trails of these incredible mountain parks.  

Last fall, Waterton Park suffered a major wildfire that has had the effect of altering the landscape for

Waterton Glacier Trails

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