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Waterton Trails: A Video Trail Guide


“Waterton Trails: A Video Trail Guide” is simply that!  A trail guide that is in video form that will let you experience the back country trails in Waterton National Park.  You will be able to see the remote areas of the park and the spectacular views that one would be treated to if they were to take the trek themselves.  This video is of great value to those who do not have the opportunity or time to make the hikes shown at this time or if they are simply trying to choose which trail they might enjoy given the tight time constraints that people are under these days. At any rate, it is my sincere hope that you will find “Waterton Trails: A Video Trail Guide” to be a resource that you will consult and enjoy for time to come.  

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1. Introduction

7. Goat Lake

2. Alderson Carthew

8. Lineham Falls

3. Avion Ridge

9. Lineham Lakes

4. Bertha Lake

10. Lone Lake

5. Crandell Lake

11. Rowe Lake

6. Crypt Lake

12. Twin Lakes

Selections Included on this DVD

Total Run Time is 1 hour and 45  minutes.

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Waterton Lakes National Park experienced a major fire in the fall of 2017 which was most spectacular in nature and took about 40% of the parks area.  I have decided to produce a series of documents to show the areas effected by the fire and will do so as the areas are opened by Parks Canada  Click this text to visit the Waterton Fire page.